Messier96 Galaxy – handmade paper collage


This takes inspiration from Hubble photos which display myriad galaxies in our universe. They serve as a reminder that our planet is one small gem in the vast array.

Contents:  Upcycled handmade paper and handwoven silk fabric

Dimensions: 8″w x 8″h

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Messier96 Galaxy is the second collage in my Nebula series, created from upcycled handmade paper and my handwoven fabrics.  I make the paper by using remnant warp yarns from my loom.  Then I upcycle my fabric swatches as additional elements in the artwork. This is another step in my goal of reducing my studio waste towards zero impact.

I was inspired by Hubble photos of the Messier96 Galaxy to create this handmade paper collage.  The Hubble and James Webb Telescope have augmented clouds as sources for my artistic imagination.

Although my artistic elements continue to evolve just like these galaxies, the overriding message remains the same.  We are a small element in a vast beautiful universe. New mysteries continue to amaze us but we must take care of our planet in order to experience them.