Supernova – handmade paper & handwoven fabric collage


This takes inspiration from Hubble photos which display myriad galaxies in our universe. They serve as a reminder that our planet is one small gem in the vast array.

Contents:  Upcycled handmade paper & handwoven silk/bamboo fabric

Dimensions: 16″w x 12″h

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Supernova is the third piece in my Nebula series of handmade paper & handwoven fabric collages.  Like the others, Hubble telescope photos are the source of inspiration for me. The primary element of Supernova features a mix of handmade paper & handwoven fabrics.  This is complemented with stitching and small tabs of metallic threads.  They emulate the expansion of a nebula and its surrounding cosmic dust and planets.

The Hubble and James Webb Telescope augment clouds as sources for my artistic imagination.  Just like these galaxies, the artistic elements in my handmade paper & handwoven fabric collages continue to evolve but the overriding message remains the same.

This is another reminder that we are a small element in a vast beautiful universe. New mysteries continue to amaze us but we must take care of our planet first in order to ever experience them.