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Weaving brings my artistic vision to reality. My fabrics integrate colorful arrays with proprietary designs only available from complex patterns. Architecture is my inspiration & my patterns are influenced by menswear fabrics.  I modify traditional weaves, creating new patterns featuring ovals, circles and other shapes uncommon to conventional weaving.  Everything is handwoven from sustainable alpaca, bamboo & silk yarns to create surprisingly lightweight items with an exquisite drape & hand. 

To me, weaving recalls a simpler time, free from excessive waste & isolation from a pandemic. By appreciating the time taken to create handcrafted items, we can bring calm as well as beauty into our stressful lives.  This is especially true in our homes, where comfort is essential but serenity is often lacking.  My accessories line of handwoven heirlooms will brighten any surface or provide warmth and comfort to you.

Handwoven Table Runners

Handwoven Throws

Handwoven Lap Wraps