My new handmade lampshades are truly art for lamps, bringing visual impact and drama to any room.  Now you can update any lamp with a colorful, artistic shade that looks fantastic whether the lamp is on or off.   My proprietary design patterns are the focal point of these shades and provide a more interesting visual element than traditional plain shades.

The current stock collection of handmade lampshades measure 10″or 15″ diameter x 10″ height, and are appropriate for most lamps.  Lampshades can also be commissioned for any specific situation. Note that colors might not be accurately represented on the computer screen. I can send you a sample of the yarns if you are concerned about a specific color in any lampshade. Just email me with your request.

Turn any lamp into a work of art with one of my handmade lampshades.  I design and handweave all the lampshade fabrics using sustainable eco-friendly silk & bamboo yarns. To reduce waste, I upcycle my swatches & samples, repurposing them to create my artwork. I also make handmade paper from the remnant warp yarns.

SIzing Guide:

Here’s a good reference point for selecting the right sized lampshade, but your personal situation might require slight variances.


10" Diameter Lampshades