Every handwoven art couture piece that I make is unique and completely finished by me.  As such, I dedicate most of my time to designing and weaving my fabrics. Therefore, this website may not display everything that is in stock.  If you recently visited me at a craft show, you might have seen an item that isn’t shown here. That doesn’t mean it is not available. Please contact me via email and I will work with you to determine availability or create something custom just for you.

Also note that colors might not be accurately represented on screen.  I can send you a sample of the yarns if you are concerned about a specific color in any handwoven art couture piece in stock.  That is a standard practice for any commissioned piece, as we collaborate to determine a final outcome that harmonizes within your wardrobe.

Handwoven Capelets & Stoles

Handwoven Scarves

Handwoven Wraps